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Holding theVision

Tools for your Financial Journey

Helpful resource to speed you on your journey to achieve your financial goals.

Holding the Vision

Practicing any new behavior can have ups and downs so take a moment to reflect on what you have been doing and the impact your choices have on your goals. Don’t trip if you find that you slipped or the actions aren’t quite as straightforward as you thought.

Good thing you have a partner on this journey! Think about the vision you created for your financial life and put it through the reality check.

Talk about it

Have an honest (no blame or shame) conversation about what is working and what you want to change. Remember you are in this for the long haul and you may have to make adjustments along the way. Talk about the areas that have been easy AND those that have been more challenging. What’s next?

What's next:

  • What has been successful so far? What is working and what do you want to revisit?
  • What motivates you (individually and as a couple)? How can you maintain inspiration (and action) over the long term?
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Get to work

We've collected your entire financial journey with tips, tools, and encouragement into an interactive journal.

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