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Jumping the Financial Broom

Tools for your Financial Journey

Helpful resource to speed you on your journey to achieve your financial goals.

Jumping the Financial Broom

Jumping the broom signifies two becoming one and represents “sweeping away” past problems and concerns. Get a fresh start on your financial lives no matter how long you have been together.

Talk about it

Set aside time to talk about how you BOTH feel about where you are right now and your vision for the future. Most goals will have financial impact so getting a clear picture about where you are now is important. It can help you focus on the areas that you share the same or similar perspectives and notice the areas that you may have to develop shared agreements.

Black women of different ages Black women of different ages

Consider these questions as discussion topics:

  • What are your core values? How do your money choices reflect your values?
  • What are your beliefs about money?
  • What money messages did you learn as a child?
  • How do early money messages affect your communication now?
Couple Looking at laptop

Get to work

Once you have completed your worksheet, switch and allow your partner to read your perspectives. Talk about the areas you notice that are similar and the topics where you have different perspectives.

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