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Your Financial Journey Putting the Pieces Together

Tools for your Financial Journey

Helpful resource to speed you on your journey to achieve your financial goals.

Putting the pieces together

The primary objective is to INSPIRE action and progress toward financial well-being, through self-reflection, goal setting and exploration of basic financial topics.

You have probably heard and may even feel that change is hard. We believe that when we gather together and commit to ourselves and each other change becomes easier and even enjoyable. Each month you will work on one aspect of your financial life to discuss and brainstorm actionable steps to build your financial roadmap.

Join this journey to create the financial life YOU want for yourself and create the plan to achieve your financial goals.

Young black women working together with a laptop

Tip 1

Start where you are, no judgment, no negative talk, just you taking time to have a conversation with other Black women about ways to align your financial goals and your core values.

Tip 2

Connect with the women in your life that inspire you to be your best. They can be family (including family of choice) friends, co-workers or sistah-prenuers, as long as they are on their path to financial well-being and are willing to share their journey, provide support, and accountability.

Tip 3

Set a regular day of the month (i.e. second Saturday or last Tuesday) and location (someone's home, beauty shop or favorite eating spot) to work and celebrate together. Choose a place that offers some privacy so you can speak freely and if it is a Black owned business that's even better.