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Your Financial Journey Investing in your Future

Tools for your Financial Journey

Helpful resource to speed you on your journey to achieve your financial goals.

Investing in Your Future

Saving is what we do to make sure we can weather financial storms or to achieve a specific goal. Investing is when we take a risk in hopes of a higher return. Before taking a risk with your hard-earned money make sure you invest with a goal in mind. Revisit your SMART Goals and decide, what are YOU investing for?

Ups and downs of investing


  • Money works for you (build wealth)
  • Many options (real estate, investment accounts)


  • Risks in ANY investments (real estate/stock market)
  • SO many options (how to choose?)
  • You can lose all your money
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Tip 1

Learn about investing and understand the risks.

Tip 2

Save to Invest: 4 Steps to investment readiness

  • Know your goal and your why
  • Know your $$$ (budget that works, rainy day fund, manageable debt, $$$ available to invest)
  • Know your time horizon and how much risk you can take (when will you need the money?)
  • Know your options (employer plan, self-employment plan, tax advantaged plan, taxable account)

Tip 3

Make investing part of your lifelong financial plan. But remember, investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal, and there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be achieved.

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