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Currency Conversations HOST YOUR OWN

Ready to host your own Currency Conversation?
Great! Let's get started!

The Currency Conversation can be as easy or extravagant as you want it to be. Remember, YOU are the host and it's your party. We provide the information and tools you need to get started and complete your financial plan over the six months. Not a financial expert? No worries! Let's take this one step at a time and create an experience that you will all enjoy.

Download your Conversation Kit

Invite your girlfriends, family and coworkers

Now that you have decided who, what, and where, it's time to let people know your plan.

Use our easy social tools to get the word out.

Feel free to edit the sample text messages to get a group text started; and personalize the email message to send to your friends. Don't forget your social media posts to get the word out; who knows there may be some folks you forgot. Just remember to fill in your location and time information.

Select an option below, to see an example of how to get the word out: