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Your Financial Journey Confessions to Commitment

Tools for your Financial Journey

Helpful resource to speed you on your journey to achieve your financial goals.

Confessions to Commitment

“Confessing” our money challenges is a necessary step but it is ONLY a step. Reframe your money story by deciding what you want to create for your financial future. Think about key words from your currency confession (i.e. debt, stress, broke, painful, overwhelmed) and reframe those words to represent how you WANT to manage, and grow your financial resources (i.e. focused, growth, manage, build).

What is your definition of financial power?

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Tip 1

Put your financial history in perspective. You did what you knew to do then, now you are ready for a new way forward.

Tip 2

Ask one of your Currency Crew to remind you to BREATHE when you slip into shame or self-blame or past financial choices or behaviors.

Tip 3

Create a vision board of your future vision and keep it someplace you can see it often. Take a picture and use it as a screensaver.