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Money and theSandwich Generation

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Caring for others while caring for yourself

The sandwich generation is usually thought of as a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children. Each family is different so the “sandwiched” person can be a parent, grandparent or even the grandchildren. If you are caring for multiple generations, welcome to the “sandwich generation!”

As a caregiver you are likely providing daily living support, financial and emotional care for others. Self-care is essential and you have probably heard the airplane adage “put your mask on first” before helping others. This couldn’t be more true for caregivers because when others are depending on you it can be very easy to forget to manage your own needs while also satisfying the needs of others.

There is a place for people 65 and older that no other age group can fit. Ruby Dee

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AARP Caregiver Resources

AARP's caregiver resources help you navigate your role as a family caregiver.

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How can you get everyone involved in the money talk?

  • Communicate with your family and loved ones to find out what you all need to work together on your money decisions.
  • Share your expectations and the measures of success.
  • Invite the younger generations to be a fintech resource. Ask questions and figure out what apps are right for you. It’s okay if you have to ask more than once, getting comfortable using technology takes time and repetition.
  • Share your experiences and talk about situations that concern you or are out of the ordinary. There are many scams that target the Fab 50+ population, so sharing your stories could help you identify scams and fraud.