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Have the Conversation

Money conversations and decisions can change as we grow older. And there may come a time where we need a little help from the people who care about us, or those we may be caring for. We're excited to be collaborating with AARP Foundation to talk about what learnings we can share and what information we need for the road.

Start Here

Thasunda Brown-Duckett

CEO, Chase Consumer Banking

Caroline Wanga

Interim CEO, Essence Communications Inc.

Shani Hosten

Vice President, Multicultural Leadership, AARP

Step 1: Connect
with what matters most

Smiling family looking at tablet Smiling family looking at tablet

Consider where you are right now. What are some of the decisions you will need to make to ensure that your health, financial, and personal needs are met as you age?

Who do you want to help make the financial and life decisions and carry them out if you are not able to do so yourself? Consider your living arrangements now and in the future, will things change? If so, what considerations will help you have the quality of life you want?

Step 2: Engage
with your loved ones

Family looking at laptop

By taking these steps now, you will feel more confident about the future and making decisions that can impact your quality of life and that of those who you care about. Consider the full picture: your money, lifestyle and health needs, your ideas, plans and goals, and engage those that matter most to you in discussing how to get there.

Step 1: Ages and stages of financial health