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Let's Start The Conversation

Black women have made significant strides, yet face more hurdles to financial success than any other group in the United States. But, there's strength in the sisterhood. And (hash tag) together we can change that dynamic through education, reassurance, and support.

Michelle Ebanks

Michelle Ebanks

CEO of Essence Communications

Thasunda Brown-Duckett

Thasunda Brown-Duckett

CEO of Consumer Banking, Chase

My Why. My Will. My Way.

This month:

Step 1: Connect
our manifesto

Black women of different ages Black women of different ages

What's holding you back?

Financial missteps, past mistakes, things you wish you would've known? Whatever it is, Chase and Essence want to help you let it go.

Through education. Through reassurance. Through support.

Only by releasing what is weighing us down are we able to move forward–lighter, freer, and inspired. Only by sharing these perceived secrets can we take away their power, and replace them with the energy needed to propel ourselves forward. Stop looking back and start looking forward. What are your currency confessions?

Through conversation with one another as well as with experts, we can shed what weighs us down and pursue our dreams.
It's time to have Currency Conversations

Step 2: Sign up
to take the pledge

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Do you pay everyone else and try to save what is "left" each month?

We are inviting you to flip the script and put yourself first! Commit to save each month BEFORE paying anyone or anything else. The amount doesn't matter, but the habit does! Commit to YOU today!

Step 3: Engage
your circle

Women talking with each other

Talking about money is a BOLD step and we want you to know you are not alone.

ESSENCE and Chase are hosting Currency Conversations on Facebook and in branches and we invite you to gather your girlfriends, sisters, aunties and co-workers and break the taboo of talking about money. Each month we will focus on a specific financial topic and actions you can take to achieve your goals.

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